Thursday, October 2, 2008

1) How is it possible for a parent to abandon their child (children)?

2) How people judge immigrants so harshly when they themselves are descendants of immigrants?

3) How is it possible for someone to value oil and money more than a human life?

4) How can anyone see a starving child and not want to do anything about it?

5) How does one get over the loss of a loved one?

6) How do we as human beings break the elitist cycle that seems to control most of the world.

7) Does one vote in this country really make a difference?

8) To what extent is religion to blame for the closed minded ideals in the world?

9) If a conservative politician that opposed immigration spent a week in an immigrant's shoes, would it make a difference in his policies?

10) Why does our government say that "all men are created equal under God" yet its policies clearly indicate the existence of racist and elitist connotations?

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