Thursday, October 2, 2008

1. Why do we work so hard throughout life, for it to all amount to nothing after it’s all over?
2. Why do we still after two thousand and eight years, view what happens after death a mystery, and not common knowledge?
3. Why are the most cutthroat and ruthless individuals in society the ones who get to run it as politicians?
4. Why do we rely on oil and other limited products when we can easily use the power of the sun or alternative methods?
5. Why do women want what they cannot have, even when what they need, they’ve been intentionally avoiding?
6. Why does race exist in our society?
7. Why do we use money when the currency itself is just a piece of nylon or metal?
8. Why is it that when someone really doesn’t want to do something, they just say “Okay, I’ll keep it in mind,” rather than saying “NO!”
9. Why do some people care so much about what other people think so terribly that it affects their life?
10. Why do I have to wake up as me every day, even when sometimes I would like to be somebody else?

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