Thursday, October 2, 2008

Question 1: How does that one red sock always seem to get into the load of all white laundry?
Question 2: What is it in people that attracts them to theatre?
Question 3: When somebody tells you that you are one in a million, do they realize that they're telling you that there are 6,601 people just like you in the world?
Question 4: Why can't we all just get along? (This one was actually answered yesterday in a class, the answer is that without the drama, life's just boring)
Question 5: Does immortality exist?
Question 6: Why are snoring dogs so adorable?
Question 7: How is it different designing for a show at the high school, college, community theater, and professional theater (at each different level)?
Question 8: What are the most helpful things stage managers can do to make the design process smoother for the costume, lighting, sound and scenic designers?
Question 9: Why is it that in high school, being at school at 8:00am was the norm and now it's such a bother?
Question 1o:Did that guy from high school ever end up at that culinary school in Florida?

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