Thursday, October 2, 2008

1. Has musique concrete ever been used as the backround music in theatre?

2. When was the Lessons of darkness film produced?

3. Does Ucsc use live pits or cds for there productions?

4. Will their be acting involved in TA 10?

5. Is it easy to get involved with Chautauqua?

6. Do you know of and sound designers that are also composers?

7. What is your favorite play?

8. Will we learn about how to make lighting designs in this class?

9. I have read about many plays that have had electronic music as there scores but i have never seen one. Have you ever seen such a production and if so did it achieve the desired effect that was wanted? Did you enjoy it?

10. What are the biggest factors you take into account when designing a set for a show?

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