Thursday, October 2, 2008

1. How come people choose to follow the crowd in such a diverse world? Do they not have their own imagination or do they simply want to fit in and ignore their own beliefs for that goal? If so, why exactly does one want to fit in, even if one has to throw away his/her own vision of the world?

2. How can people live their lives without imagination?

3. With so many different ideas and so many different views on life, how do we still manage to find so many close friends, so many acquaintances, and so many loved ones? Or does having different views on life make us more interesting to our friends acquaintances?

4. Why do people with connections and no skills get more jobs and opportunities to get somewhere in life than people with great amount of skill and no connections?

5. How come we are losing our etiquette senses and are slowly going back to the cave-man times? Regardless of the time we spent perfecting our table manners over the centuries, we throw that all away and go back to holding a fork in our right hand and not using a proper knife when needed?

6. What’s the recipe for a friendship?

7. Why don’t people express what they are actually feeling, and instead hide their feelings behind fake smiles and blank eyes?

8. Why do people think that TyPInG lieK DiS iS kOoL?

9. Why does humanity elect leaders that would literally f*** them over? Do they really like pain that much? Sure, masochism is pleasant, but not on such a big scale, right?

10. With so many art styles and mediums, how come schools always have the least funding for the art department?

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