Thursday, October 2, 2008

1. Is doing what you feel better that doing what is right, even if you know it is selfish?
2. Why can’t I just act differently sometimes without others judging me?
3. Even though I really want to, why can’t I fly?
4. Can we please do costume design in this course? Like with drawings, swatches and actual costume creation?
5. When an actor is up on stage when do they know when the audience is ready to hear what the character has to say?
6. How does an actor pull an audience so far into their performance that the audience is moved to tears?
7. When will I get a chance to show my parents that I can really make it in this business?
8. If everything is art, and art is beauty, then why are there such terrible things happening every day?
9. Am I even any good at what I love to do and feel I cannot live without?
10. When you (anyone) looks at me, what do they really think?

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