Thursday, October 2, 2008

1. Why is it so hard to become apart of something when you've been involved with it for so long?
2. How can I love set and backstage so much but be a Terrible artist?
3. Why is the aspect of failure so daunting that it prevents people from following their dreams?
4. Why do we need to take Intro to Dance when we want to be a tech. ?
5. Why do people live in trees?
6. Why do people smoke in the dorms and make the rest of us suffer?
7. What does it take, to wake up a generation, how can you make someone take off and fly?
8. Why do people ask what the meaning of life is, when the answer is based of interpretation?
9. How can people ride bikes in Santa Cruz without a blood bath?
10. Why do people have dreadlocks, when there not hygenical?

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