Thursday, October 2, 2008

1. Why does sushi never taste the same after you put it in the carry out box?

2. Why do the simplest relationships always turn complicated?

3. If everything is heading towards a state of entropy, why is the human race getting more complicated?

4. If one person has the ability to decide whether he lives and the world is destroyed or vice versa, would he choose himself or the world?

5. Why do we HAVE to believe in something as humans?

6. Why can’t we just accept that things are the way they are because they are, not because of some higher being?

7. Why would you kill someone just because they don’t believe in the same thing as you?

8. What exactly is the universe, does it end or fold back on itself or what?

9. What are the colors that birds see and we don’t, and what do those colors look like?

10. What would it be like to see everything at once, without bias, assumptions, or any pretense?

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