Thursday, October 2, 2008

1) Why are we always worrying about the future and grieving on the past, rather than living in the present?
2) Why is it so easy to fall in love, yet so hard to get over that love?
3) Has going to a more technical and futuristic world become more important than the beautiful nature infront of us?
4) Why do some of us allow ourselves to be influence by the opinion of others?
5) Can a whole story be drawn from a mere picture, when get it right the first time?
6) Why does music affect of sense of feeling, such as if you listen to a sad song, you feel a bit of that artist’s sadness?
7) Why do some people only see the world in this black and white perspective, when there can always be some shade of gray?
8) Why is it that in the end, we end up dating the one that is most like us?
9) Why is the media such an influence on society and all that revolves around it?
10) How does poetry relate to stage design and architecture?

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