Thursday, October 2, 2008

1. How might it be to experience a state of euphoria induced by the most beautiful and perfect of scene settings?
2. If through some enormous, scientific feat the impossibility of supreme beings was confirmed, would the world find itself in a greater state or chaos or contentment?
3. Will a bodyweight within the double digits be as satisfying as expected?
4. If an isolated community was deprived of either spoken language or written language, which condition would most disturb general progress?
5. If an isolated community was restricted to a signed language, how might the development of its culture differ from our own?
6. How would everyday living be different if all forms of mechanical transportation were removed?
7. How much significance should be assigned to the events and images seen during a lucid dream?
8. What is the most inexpensive, spectacular recipe focusing on instant ramen noodles?
9. To what extent is the N.I.V. bible factual?
10. If everyone acknowledged love to be an impermanent human emotion, how would our treatment of relationships and separation change?

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