Thursday, October 2, 2008

1. Why is it seemingly onstage harder to stage comedy than drama?
2. Why is world hunger such a difficult problem to solve?
3. How come the bible has been taken so seriously after all these centuries?
4. How did the excruciatingly boring "Out of Africa" win best picture in 1985 against such gems as The Color Purple, Mask, Cocoon, and Back to the Future?
5. Why is bigotry so plentiful in American society?
6. After 8 unsuccessful years of Bush, why are the poles today split right down the middle between Obama and McCain?
7. What was the first word uttered by the first man?
8. Why do Iraq and Iran sound so similar?
9. When and how was the Australlian accent formed?
10. What does the "10 Questions" assignment signify in our Intro to Design class?

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